About Me

Growing up in a village outside Leicester, an only child with older parents, my biggest love was music. I played the piano, and used to dream about going to a school, like one I’d seen in Russia, on a TV documentary. All they seemed to do was play the piano all day. Reality struck, and I continued my piano lessons, plus I played in the Leicestershire School’s Youth Orchestra. At school, I wasn’t an academic – my three main subjects were Music, Art and English, which I studied at A level – although I gave up English, because I hated the teacher and he made me feel small. In hindsight, I didn’t have the confidence to stand up for myself.

I reached my aim of going to music college, and studied, Piano, Harp and Singing at the Royal Manchester College of Music. I worked in Music Education for 34 years, latterly being a school’s music adviser. During that time, I empowered primary school teachers to understand how, as non- musicians, they could teach the music curriculum to their pupils. 

I recognise in my work that apart from the focus on the actual subject, I have been able to empower others. Alongside my own writing, as a writing mentor, I empower others to find their narrative.

As an author, many of my stories and poems have focused on love (though the latter, not exclusively) – even my autobiography is about finding true love, in my second marriage. A marriage of many differences.

I enjoy writing Suspenseful Romance – where there is some jeopardy, grief or loss, but ‘love’ wins through in the end.