It’s my mouth!

I am a Piscean.  

It sounds a bit like something you might admit at an addicts meeting.

The twelfth sign in the zodiac, is concluded by many to be the best sign too.  However, it may be Pisceans saying that!

 The positive traits held by Piscean: 

  • They have a calm, compassionate and exciting nature.
  • Affectionate, caring and devoted to friends.
  • As a friend, they are loyal.
  • Keep your secrets safe and have your back in every situation.
  • Emotionally intelligent and empathetic – knows how you feel, never judges, nothing shocks them.
  • Highly intuitive.
  • Love to be in love.
  • Devote themselves to their partner like no other sign.
  • Are rarely competitive, easy going, go with the flow. Not lazy, just achieve their goals quietly.
  • Drawn to creative expression: music, writing, poetic, artistic.
  • Satisfied with their creative interests and life.
  • Will help you achieve your goals
  • Often easily moved to tears by sad or mushy movies

Negative traits of Pisceans:

They can suffer from these attributes

  • Overly-sensitive at times
  • Escapist – instead of facing tough times, they try to escape the situation
  • Indecisive – depend on others to make decisions
  • Lazy – especially when it’s something they’re not interested in doing.
  • Pessimistic
  • Moody
  • Gullible
  • Melancholy
  • Stubborn

Am I a true Piscean?

I was born on 8thMarch, which is almost midway between Feb 19thand March 20th, the span of the zodiac sign, so I’ve always considered myself a true Piscean.

Looking at the positive traits, I can tick several of those. Particularly being empathetic. Most of the time, this is an excellent ability to have, but occasionally it takes me over the edge where I feel too much of the other person’s feelings.  

I think this is where people consider us as overly sensitive.

People often tell me they feel at ease with my very quickly, as though we have known each other for a long time, when we have only just met.  This is hugely useful when I’m working as a mentor, and when previously I worked as a photographer, because it enables me to help people feel comfortable and aids our working relationship.

I’m happy to say I’m certainly not pessimistic or moody, and rarely, if ever melancholic.

However, I admit, I can be stubborn. Especially if there is something that I’m convinced I’m right about.

I can also be gullible, although with age, I’m glad to say that has decreased. 

An example being…. Years ago, I mentioned to my, then husband how loudly the birds were chirping first thing that morning.  He replied, he’d heard on the radio that it was because it was the first day of Spring, and the dawn chorus was louder then, celebrating the lighter mornings.

I thought that sounded like a reasonable explanation, so was happy with his answer.

Later on, the same day, when out with friends, we were talking about the lovely light mornings, and I started to mention about the birds’ chorus. My husband kicked me under the table. Obviously, it had been a lie, but my gullibility had allowed me to believe him.

Occasionally, I’m still caught out, but overall, I’m doing better with my gullibility gauge! 

The other thing I have noticed is that people do share their secrets with me. I never tell anyone else, partly, because often I’ve forgotten who told me what, or when, so it’s not a problem, but I often wonder why they tell me in particular.  

One friend did say they always think I’m wise, which I find quite amusing, although, also a great compliment.

Interestingly, many of my friends are also Pisceans, and ‘creatives’. I think we must gravitate towards each other.

Luckily my husband is one of the suggested perfect matches for my Zodiac sign; he is a Scorpio.

We are also both Dragons in the Chinese Zodiac… which is another completely different story….

So, am I a true Piscean? Only my friends will be able to tell you if it’s all true!

Other famous Piscean creatives through history: 

  • Artist, Sandro Botticelli 1445
  • Diarist, Samuel Pepys 1633
  • Poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1806
  • Composer, Frederic Chopin 1810; 
  • Inventor, Alexander Graham Bell, 1847
  • Writer, Kenneth Grahame 8th March, 1859 
  • Dancer, Dame Marie Rambert, 1888
  • Bandleader, Glenn Miller 1904
  • Singer and Actor, Harry Belafonte 1927
  • Actress, Elizabeth Taylor 1932
  • Author, John Irving, 1942
  • Guitarist, George Harrison, 1943
  • Singer, Karen carpenter, 1950
  • Entrepreneur, Steve Jobs 1955
  • Film Director, Spike Lee, 1957
  • Actor, Rob Lowe, 1964