Mixed Feelings


A True Story. Originally published by Wordcatcher 2018 – republished by Lis McDermott 2022

Not your average love story… In an age where people increasingly worry about their looks, age and being socially accepted, read the story of Lis and Conrad. Twelve years apart in age and growing up with very different social, cultural and educational backgrounds, Lis and Conrad meet on the dance floors of Cheltenham. On paper they should have nothing in common… Despite their disparate experiences, they find they have a lot in common, they enjoy each other’s company, and they fall in love. Their relationship faces a tide of disapproval, racism and ignorance from all sides, from loved ones to strangers. Most come to see their errors of judgement, but others do not, and are left at the wayside. Mixed Feelings is an unusual and lively story, challenging society’s fixed ideas and helping forge a way for the next generation. Cover photo (c) Glenn Parker



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