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Have you always wanted to write a book, but have no idea how to make a start?  Whether you have started, or not written one word, I can help you to hone your ideas, plan and start to write, supporting you along the way.

One of my mentees I have been working with this year, published her memoir recently, and another is about to publish hers. At present I’m working with several people to write their memoirs, fiction and business books. Some will publish their work, others write purely for their families and the satisfaction of writing.

I’d love to talk to you if you have an idea and want to know what to do next. I offer a complimentary half-hour session to chat about your ideas, and see if we can work together.

Contact me to ask more.

What is Mentoring?

Without meaning to appear vague, it is different to each person, because it is individual support to help you write your book.

What it isn’t…

I’m not there to write your book for you.

I don’t give you demanding time limits – unless you want them.

I don’t change the fundamental ideas you have, but we may discuss how to make the thoughts in your head more accessible to readers.

Me imposing my way for your book to be written.

A promise that you will get published.

What I do?

Everyone has different worries about their writing; they have lapses in confidence that their book isn’t good enough to be published; they have varying issues with grammar, or other aspects of the writing process.

Some of the things I do:

  • I encourage you, every step of the way.
  • Help you organise and plan your writing.
  • Grammar – use of repetitive words, pointless words, help with tenses, punctuation, typos and spelling and more...
  • Organising your writing into a shape.
  • Make sure your writing makes sense to people other than you.
  • Help you to think about description; dialogue; characters; use of language.



  • "I hadn’t considered what a mentor would do. I only imagined a mentor would help me with grammar and spelling and possibly, tidying up of my sentences here and there. The most useful aspect of having a mentor for me was help to put a sensible chronological order to my story.”
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Books of my Mentees…

“Cutie” by Beverley Douglas.

This is the story of Beverley, whose parents came over from Jamaica, during the time of ‘Windrush’. It’s the story of her childhood in Bristol, as the youngest child, she was a free-spirited, headstrong tomboy with an innate passion for nature and the outdoors.

It tells of her adventures shared at the local playground with her best friend, Paulette; being confronted with racism and the changes in the city, and how an encounter with a man changes everything forever.

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“Tug of Love; A story of life, love and loss” by Jo Austin.

Tug of Love, is one mother’s story through the rollercoaster of relationships and emotions that have shaped the woman she has become.

You follow her journey from childhood, as a mischievous, but frighteningly anxious child to a young adult filled with love, but consumed by self-doubt, to the strong woman and mother she is now.

Her life has had many twists and turns, including mental health and chronic physical illness, and a child with special needs. She has fought many battles to secure the best for him and his sisters.

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“The Silent Child in Me” by Michelle Ensuque

Michelle Ensuque is a behavioural coach whose project management and consultant career has spanned 30 years across public and private sectors. Michelle suffered a breakdown around 10 years ago which was a shock as she always believed her zest for life, energy and sense of humour would get her through most things but, balancing the needs of family as a single parent coupled with a demanding job and other life events, such as bereavement, eventually took its’ toll.

YMichelle spent 12 months working on her recovery, a big part of which was Neuro Linguistic Programming which completely transformed her life, both personally and professionally.

Her book, as well as telling her story, gives examples to help people understand what might be triggering their behaviours, and she asks some thought provoking questions to help them question their current mode of operating.

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