Writing a personal blog

Why write a personal blog?

You may think that blogs are purely for business people, or professional writers.

Not so. Personal blogs are a place where you can share your day; comment with your opinion on what’s happening in the world; tell stories; share other ideas including photos and videos.

A personal blog can be about whatever you like -that’s the whole point, it is your blog. 

Remember though, this isn’t your personal diary, you are making things public, so only share what you want, the whole world to know.

Now is the perfect time to start a personal blog. People are stuck at home, some unable to work and looking for things to interest them; make them laugh and engage them.

How to start?

 Decide on a blog name. Choose something that relates to what you are going to blog about, or something descriptive that matches your personality or interest.

  • Find a platform on which to share your blog.  You need to research this, as I’m not an expert on blog platforms, but one that I have used in the past, and three that I now use are:




                        Facebook – (set up a page as community or public figure, and then Personal Blog).

  • Customise your blog with a header that people will recognise.
  • Write and publish your first blog.
  • Make a list of all of the areas that you can help people with, linked to your business, and your personal life, if relevant, and then work out which type of blog they will be.

Copy links to your blog and share on your other social media, to ensure you get the largest reach to attract readers.

What is your blog going to be about?

 You’d be amazed at the things people are interested in!  We are all nosey; it’s a inherent human trait (despite what most would say), so if you can write well and engage people, your blog will be read.

You may think you don’t have a very interesting life, but you might have an extremely furtive imagination. Also, you may be an expert at something that nobody knows about… why not share?

Consider what you want your readers to experience…  

  • Do you want them to be informed about a skill or hobby in which you have an interest?
  • Do you want to share your daily routine during the time we are in at the moment – sharing how you are dealing with your mental and physical health?
  • Do you write and want to share your stories or poems with an audience?
  • Could you write a blog from your pet’s point of view?
  • Are you a history buff, and want to write about other periods in history where we have had upheaval as a nation and coped?
  • Are you a lover of the countryside and want to share your walks, including images and descriptions of aspects of nature?

The choice is endless, depending on what your interests are.

Finding your voice.

Above all else, when you write, be authentic. This is after all your personal blog; so let your personality shine through.  Write in the style that suits you, BUT ensure that your spelling and grammar is up to scratch. There are many people who consider themselves grammar-police.

Don’t try to use longer, fancier words than you would usually use in your vocabulary. Anyone knowing you will recognise that isn’t your usual style of speaking, or writing!

Lastly, be consistent in sharing your blogs. If people enjoy your blogs, they will be looking for them with expectation, waiting for the next one to appear. If possible, try to blog once or twice a week.  

Start writing, and enjoy yourself!

My next blog will be about Working from home during lockdown