Writing your business blog

Why are you writing your blog?

Most likely to raise your visibility and let people know you are still around, at this unprecedented time.

Engaging with people and letting them engage with you, not just your about your business, is important. Even though you can’t meet people face to face, you can connect online with blogs/articles; connect via Zoom, What’sApp, Facebook, etc, and create vlogs.

What skills and information can you share with people?

Make a list of all of the areas that you can help people with, linked to your business, and your personal life, if relevant,  and then work out which type of blog they will be.

Do you want your blog to do:

  • Educate
  • Inform
  • Fun
  • Personal

Always create your blog with your readers experience at the forefront of your thinking.

Areas to blog about might be: what you’re doing each day; helpful information; educational ideas to help them learn something about your subject; tips and stories and even case studies if you have them.


If you are going to create a blog with to inform or teach something, ensure that you have the latest up to date information. Look for that information in accurate sources, ie. Not Wikipedia. Use credible sites linked to your business sector, the BBC or NHS. 

Don’t copy any information word for word. Paraphrase in your own words, or put in a link to any articles.   If you copy you may have problems with the NLA (National Licensing Association), who are fining people.

If something is your purely your opinion, say so.

Finding your voice.

Don’t think you have to use words that you wouldn’t usually use. Be authentic, be yourself, and write in the style that suits you, BUT ensure that your spelling and grammar is up to scratch.

Don’t use acronyms and assume that everyone knows what they stand for. Spell them out!

The same with technical language, if you can’t get away from using it, explain what it means.

Ideas for blogs

What is it like working from home during this lockdown period? -from your perspective;

  • As a working mum with children at home too
  • As a single person working alone from home
  • Someone who has just started up a new business

The story of my day –

  • Routine or no routine – what works for you, and why
  • How I am feeling during this time.

My 5 top tips for….

  • Healthy snacks to take with me when I go for a walk/exercise
  • Maintaining your mental health during this situation
  • Keeping your mind active

People love lists, the numbers don’t matter, but no more than 10).

People also like to read about you, personally, as much as about your business. We are nosey! Also, be honest, even if you are finding this situation easy, because you like being alone, or alternatively, if you are feeling depressed; there will be people out there feeling the same, and will get strength finding out that they are not alone.

How long should a blog be?

Between 300 and 600 words is considered good for SEO purposes. Above 300 words helps to stop your content from looking ‘thin’ on your website.

Images for your blogs

Take photos on your phone whilst you are exercising outside, or taking walks.

Take pictures linked to your business.

If you can’t find images, then look at Pixabay, which is a free image sharing website. They have a huge range of images that are perfect for any social media posts.

Don’t copy Google pictures – they are not copyright free!

Sharing your blog.

Alongside writing the blog on your website, you can also copy it onto an Article on Linkedin, where you’ll get a larger reach. You can also share them as Notes on your FB page too.

When you share any posts or blogs, re-share them on your other social media, mentioning that your latest one is out and tag 5 people who you know will share your blog for you. Choose people who you often share posts for, and you know won’t mind returning the favour.

Lastly, be consistent in sharing your blogs. Put it into your diary and stick to it.  If possible, at the moment, try to blog once or twice a week.  

At the end of the blog say when the next one is, and what it will be about.

Following. my own advice, my blog next week will be about Writing your personal blog.